Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #3 Low volume

Over the next weeks MyDayDayBelgium will publish 5 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense.

Reason #3 Volume is not everything

Not being about volume is another way of saying – rarity plays.

What we love about Delvaux is that they care about producing bags of impeccable craftsmanship and want these bags to last a lifetime.

As a collector we like to own something special, something that is not in everyone’s hand - a vintage Delvaux is always special, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

At the oldest luxury leather handbag manufacturer of the world, maintaining quality leather and not following the latest fashion is an inbuilt attitude, Not only does Delvaux source their leather through sustainable sources, handles the bag through a quality focused process, but they also care about long term support of the client and the leather bag.


Delvaux offers a bag spa services similar to Hermès, which gives a lifetime boost to their product.


Product quality is key hence volume comes second.

Delvaux will issue about 2 major collections per year not connected to any fashion trend, but rather following its latest inspiration – this could be a historic event, such as the 200 years of the French revolution, the collaboration with an outside designer/artist or the re-interpretation of Belgian’s prominent surrealist René Magritte.

With its close to 200 years, Delvaux gives balance to the luxury bag market and stays true to its – Belgian – identity "Belgitude".

It is just stylish to own a unique vintage luxury - which is hard to find and comes with a story. Such treasures are available in our shop.
If you enjoyed this little glimpse into our little Belgian world and the wonderful past of this timeless company, please follow us and get a welcome voucher!


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