Featured in renowned Belgian newspapers, MyDayDayBelgium is known for its expertise in collecting and selling vintage Delvaux handbags. Each bag tells a unique story and embodies the timeless elegance that has made Delvaux a coveted luxury brand for over a century.

23/02/2022 Black Mode - Knack Weekend

MyDayDayBelgium featured in the Black Mode Vintage guide of the Knack Magazine Belgium.

Thank you to Jorik & Jef @ Knack for the interview.

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08/03/2022 Het Nieuwsblad 

MyDayDayBelgium featured in the national edition of Het Nieuwsblad discussing vintage bag investment value.

Thank you to Christine & Amaury of Het Nieuwsblad for the interview

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15/03/2022 Het Nieuwsblad regio 

MyDayDayBelgium featured in the regional edition of Het Nieuwsblad reflecting on our passion and mission.

Thank you to Amaury of Het Nieuwsblad for the interview.

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05/05/2022 Le VIF Weekend

MyDayDayBelgium is honoured to feature in le VIF's Weekend section on fashion treasure hunters. 

Thank you Jorik & Jef for the time together.

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