Reason #5 Customer Care

Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #5 Customer Care
Over the past weeks MyDayDayBelgium published 4 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense. Here is the last one #5:
A few years ago, when we started our vintage Delvaux collection and we started to walk into the Delvaux shop in Brussels, asking about one of our first bags, - we had a positive surprise. We found welcoming staff with good knowledge of the house's heritage and who were attentive to their customers.

No judgement or looking down on you because of bringing in a vintage product with questions, as opposed to taking interest in the latest collection. On the contrary there was joint excitement to review and look at the beauty of their heritage.

Which brings us to the next reason why Delvaux , vintage or new, just makes sense - an outstanding customer experience.
In all modesty, we did have our fair share Delvaux visits, reviews, and discussions – partially because we were buying new, our vintage collection enjoyed a good spa or because they assisted us with research into one of our collectibles.
No matter the reason, every time we get treated well and time flies. We can discuss in tranquillity our vintage bags or get to peek at the new collection. The sale’s staff is always helpful with advice on the technicalities of the new bags on offer or is sharing our passion discussing the old.

Already mid-century Franz Schwennicke, the ex owner’s family, established a behaviour guideline, which has become the “D-attitude” – the art of building a lasting customer relationship and a real feeling of exclusivity. His philosophy was that a customer well treated any time coming into the shop and even not buying, may very well return 5 years down the road as a buying customer.

From our experience we can testify that this philosophy has carried forward to this day.
If you enjoyed this little glimpse into our little Belgian world and the wonderful past of this timeless company, please follow us and get a welcome voucher!
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