Reason #1 Delvaux’s Obvious Durability

Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #1 obvious durability

Over the next week's MyDayDayBelgium will publish 5 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense.

Reason #1 Delvaux’s Obvious Durability

As a passionate collector of Delvaux handbags – it is just painstakingly obvious:
Their bag’s quality just lasts ~.

There is no better measure than looking at their vintage bags to understand what we mean by this:

We have Delvaux bags in our collection of 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of age, which still look absolutely stunning.

Not only does Delvaux select the best leathers and uses impeccable craftmanship to work them, but Delvaux is also dying their leathers with aniline teint. Aniline teint is light in pigmentation – different to i.e. strongly pigmented EPI leathers commonly used i.e. by Louis Vuitton.

Over the years the aniline teinted leather retains a shine, which is attributed to this procedure.

For us using Aniline teint itself is a wonderful ode to the history of la maison Delvaux. – Aniline, being one of the first synthetic dyes invented in 1843, is still in use today - and we love the fact that Delvaux stays true to old craftmanship techniques including the use of teint as this.
Of course vintage is vintage - one never can expect a bag after many years of handling to be at 100%. However they don't need to be - with the lasting leather quality the pre-requisite is set and beyond this - there is the appeal of the bags telling a story that a new one cannot and the fact that it makes you feel less guilty should you ever accidently damage your beautiful Delvaux bag.... ~

Overall Delvaux really just makes us proud of Belgian craftmanship when you see the age and the extent of quality of the bags next to each other.

There is no other thing than pride taking a vintage Delvaux for a walk - especially through the wonderful cherry blossom season currently all over Brussels. - The bag's look, the history and in the end the rarity of the Delvaux bag in your hand makes this a unique stand-out experience... - and you can be sure never to bump into anyone carrying the same bag on the street.

So reason #1 to own a vintage Delvaux: <Obvious Durability>
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