Increase of investment value

Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #4 Increase of investment value

Over the next weeks MyDayDayBelgium will publish 5 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense.

Reason #4 It is time to invest into the vintage & the new

Let’s recap the facts: Delvaux is a brand that exists for over 190 years, which managed through its discretion, its exclusive – royal & aristocratic – customer base and its tiny production volumes, to stay continuously in business and in the know of only a few.

This is a brand that has been for years part of exclusive presents given to state leaders visiting this country – and which has worked with leading designers, before the world even knew them.
Let’s not forget that some top Hermès artistic directors started off their careers in Delvaux - such as Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski (Late 90’s early 2000), Martin Margiela (in 1983) …
This is not to mention other leading designers and artistic directors Delvaux worked with, such as Charles Kaisin, Didier Vervaeren and Princess Frédéric de Broglie – otherwise known as Christina Zeller

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