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Our passion for Delvaux started with a book... read here to find out more.

During a visit to the Pele-Mele bookshop, we came across the book Delvaux, 180 years of Belgian luxury, describing the rich history of the family business - their path to building the brand today - known for designing the first patented handbag.

Real Belgian, discreet, luxurious and with a fascinating story to tell - being a Hong Kong / French couple we were not so familiar with Delvaux initially, but having

read the book we certainly were intrigued. This is how we initially started our collection of Delvaux bags.

We built up our knowledge on different periods and went onto a great journey of learning. We learned about the different seasonal collections, the names given to each bag - we were able to distinguish trends of periods, logos, fakes and reals. We recognised accessories and different leather making techniques.

We drove hundreds of km in Belgium to find bags from private owners to add to our collection and enjoyed thereby learning more about where the bag had been, the personal stories behind it and discovered the beauty of Belgium in parallel.

On the sideline we learned about the vintage market for Delvaux, the bag value and what types retain higher value over others. Generally total vintage and new value is increasing significantly, but of course pending on the type there are differences. We also learned how to distinguish the fake (of which unfortunately many are on offer) from the real. We understood periods for certificates, for mirrors, for straps, for shapes. Authenticity is key when collecting and has been key for us to ensure we have certificate of the bag or when lost an authentication from Delvaux itself to maintain the value of the bag.

The Maison Delvaux is created a year before the kingdom of Belgium. Do you know that it is also older than Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton? One more fact - the bags of the maison Delvaux are still crafted by hand by its skilled artisans.

We can witness and treasure the astonishing durability of Delvaux bags today - in our collection some are 60 or 70 years old and not only are they still in good condition, but what is astonishing is how much their design is still up to date.

Today sustainability is key - do you know that Delvaux has been frontrunner in the field for a long time? Choosing material that lasts and making bags that traditionally get passed down from mother to daughter - we are talking multiple generations. Sustainability is important to us - we believe that the old is the new and it is a pleasure for us to take out our handbags, take pictures of them in a modern context and witness how they still fit in. Collecting them just made sense to us.


We never intended to create a museum of Delvaux bags - Delvaux bags do not fall into a museum category as the designs are always current and relevant. No bag is like the other, even those of existing collections - have been reinvented - be it only small details or with a wink to Belgium, Art nouveau or deco, to Magritte, to Belgitude and the plat pays.

A vintage luxury bag is buying something unique, which is no longer in production. You need to be lucky and patient to get hold of it. Sometimes it may not be perfect anymore - however this is the charm of it and actually much can be restored.

Perfection is not what you look for as a collector, but we do put our bags into the Delvaux spa, so as to ensure that the leather can continue its journey.

You also enjoy the story behind the bag, to hold something rare in the hand and to be outstanding from others.

MyDayDayBelgium was founded in order to share our passion with other vintage lovers. In our webshop you can find pieces of different periods - click into the webshop to explore for yourself . MyDayDayBelgium stands for sustainability - by purchasing with us you are also making a contribution to a healthier planet.

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