Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #2 Quality First

Over the next weeks MyDayDayBelgium will publish 5 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense.

Reason #2 Continuous focus on quality 1st!

From 1829 to now - Delvaux never stopped focusing on quality first & attractive here is their consistency in maintaining it always. - One cannot stay in business for over 190 years without this base element creating consistent customer satisfaction.

In Quality Delvaux sets the bar high in walking the talk – from leather selection to assembly, to final “bichonnage” - quality is in-built and a painstaking process of exactitude. From design to finish, their bags are crafted to last for life, which is why in Belgium they are handed down over many generations (and thus stay in close circulation, which makes them hard to get by for the collector!).

Before starting the crafting process of a bag, Delvaux will critically inspect the leathers by craftsmen seasoned in this job over many years to strictly select the most appropriate leather for the bag. Delvaux typically works with the “fleur” the flower part of the leather – the first layer, which is the thinnest one and has the longest ageing potential. -
The fact that Delvaux uses light pigmenting aniline teint for their leather means there is no hiding behind the bush – defects of the leather are not covered by strong pigmentation - so highest quality of leathers matters.

Aside this, this procedure also fits very well with Delvaux’s philosophy of wanting to really showcast the quality of craftmanship and material used.

Before moving to the assembly process Delvaux will further work on enhancing the durability, quality and strength of structure of their leather by the 3 “R” processes “refente”, “rembord”, “renfort” (“slitting” to thin the leather further, “skiving” to reduce and smoothen the edges of the leather, “reinforcement” to enhance the strength/ thickness of the leather).

In the assembly process a bag will then be taken care of by one artisan craftsman from start to finish. The artisans are accountable and proud of the finished product and proud working for Delvaux, many of which who have been with la Maison for over 15 years.

The artisans have good reasons to be proud - it takes a long time of exacting apprenticeship in Delvaux to be allowed to assemble a bag. Some wait many years to be allowed to do so and it can be up to 3 years before they may be allowed to make a wallet alone... particularly if using exotic leathers.

Through strictly sticking to its standards and putting priority on quality first, Delvaux has managed to continuously refine and then sustain its quality over many years.
Hence reason #2 to own a vintage Delvaux: <Consistent focus on quality 1st>
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