Delvaux's Iconic Handbag - The Chameleon

Things no-one will tell you about Delvaux's iconic Brillant Handbag - the chameleon (2/3)

Whilst Delvaux as a company is over 190 years old and le brilliant over 60 years old – it is re-inventing itself constantly. Le “# Brilliant was adapted many times, it went from handle bag, to crossbody, from grand, medium, petit and mini model to charm.

Yesterday’s #Brilliant is no longer today’s #Brilliant – certain sizes (i.e. le old PM), certain colours, certain finishes (passe poil then coupé net) are no longer available or have been re-interpreted. This is what makes the charm of the  #vintage“le #Brilliant ” – it is just not available like <that> anymore.

Of course the redesigns are equally breath-taking and transpire a  #Belgitude that only a company that is older than its own country really can. However most impressive is really the obvious quality that these bags keep.

Today le  #Brillant continues to decorate the wrists of Belgian Royalty, but you can equally see its incarnations of Magritte “ceci n’est pas un Delvaux” dress up the likes of Rihanna.
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