DelvauxAW22 collection – The Lingot Review

After seeing many previews of the DelvauxAW22 collection during the Paris Fashion week, the day has finally arrived to see the new Lingot in the boutique.

MyDayDayBelgium was one of the lucky first to own the Lingot in mid-February - we were so delighted! A crossbody bag of perfect making - a real jewel to wear. It's name "Le Lingot" (the gold bar) suggests this already!

We have seen online reviews comparing the Lingot with the 2011 Hermès Roulis - in our opinion the two bags definately have one thing in common - superior quality craftmanship.

Delvaux values the heritage of its nearly 200 year old craftmanship traditions. The new collection designs traditionally inspire themselves from bag elements of their archive of over 3000 bags - the new Lingot is no different.
From our observation and looking at our own collection pieces , we can immediately associate the strap holders on the Lingot with the handle holders of the 1958 Brigantine bag.

The side inverted D lock of the Lingot seems to allude to bag elements used in the 70s - such as the double “D” lock of 1975 Harpe bag or even the 1974 Tarn in terms of shape. The much compared size and shape of the Lingot bag to Hermès’s Constance or Roulis, actually is a classic Delvaux shape, which we can find in the 1976 Bourgogne, but equally similar more recently in the Simplissime city.

What do we love in the new Lingot ? The single adjustable strap is really cleverly done and also this bag not only feels elegant, but really inspires touching a piece of gold – as all the hardware on the bag feels like a piece of Jewellery.

Several of Delvaux’s authenticated and restored vintage masterpieces can be found for sale in MyDayDayBelgium’s store.

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