Things no-one will tell you about Delvaux's iconic Brillant handbag

Things no-one will tell you about Delvaux's iconic Brillant handbag - the architect (3/3) The creator of the magnificent Brillant, Paule Goethals went on to design a series of other well-known classic handbags with Delvaux – amongst other the famousTempêteand the Marronier, later reissued under the name Madame (with a single interior compartment).
But she has created several other extraordinary bags, hard to find in the market, such as the Pouliche, the 5 o’clock, the Saule, le Maraudeur, to name a few…

 Paule Goethals was never predestined to become a creator of handbags or work in fashion, but as a student of interior design/architecture she could understand the little world of a handbag in its three dimensions down to the last centi- the last millimeter. At a time where computers were not used for mocking up such specificities and it all depended on the idea, a sharpened pencil and an accurate sense of volume her skill was essential for success.

Her famous creation “le Brillant” has truly become one of the flagship models of Delvaux. - It really is a timeless, classic chic handbag and it re-invents itself constantly.
  • One must ask oneself how many handbag makers care still existing after close to 200 years? The answer is no-other but Delvaux.
  • How many can claim to have patented the first ever handbag? The answer is no-other but Delvaux.

  • How many have such strong royal link? Try to count... -
  • How many brands have bags continuously in production for over 60 years? The answer is it is a very exclusive club: not many. Scoring high on this we count the Hermes “Kelly” created in the 1930’s, Chanel’s “2.55” created in 1955 and of course our all time favourite Delvaux's Brillant created in 1958.
So hats off. - An overall impressive curriculum vitae for this all time classic.
Several of Delvaux’s authenticated and restored vintage masterpieces can be found on our mydaydaybelgium’ site.
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