Why Delvaux? Timeless Belgitude

For the bagaholics amongst us #mydaydaybelgium has been looking at the mysterious and exclusive workings of Belgium’s most luxurious handbag brand Delvaux . For those not in the know, Delvaux is actually THE inventor of the handbag and the oldest luxury handbag company in the world. Delvaux was created in 1829, one year before the Kingdom of Belgium even popped into existence (famously by breaking a wall to create a store window)! Delvaux has been there before Hermès (1837), Moynat (1849), Louis Vuitton (1854), Chanel (1910) etc. and it is still going strong.

What distinguishes Delvaux with its French competitors is that their bags have a Belgian flair, are famously timeless and unbelievably high in sophistication and quality. Here in Belgium they get traditionally passed on from mother to daughter and so forth over many generations. Considering that Delvaux patented the first ever handbag in 1908, to improve train travel for women, and that Delvaux also guarantees lifetime quality of their bags, it is fair to say that they know a little thing about delivering a valuable product. Hence owning a vintage or a new Delvaux makes you part of a very exclusive club.

The bags are handmade (yes!!) in Belgium (and in France) and Delvaux prides itself on the understated luxury feel. As Delvaux adjusts design twice a year and only pops out a few thousand bags a year or so, they come with a hefty tag of rarity. -Even the mother house does not sell some of our collection bags anymore.
Still chic - 1959 Delvaux bag "mon grand bonheur" (coming soon) back in the day and today

Interesting fact - Delvaux whilst being an official purveyor to the royal family of Belgium has always aimed to stay under the radar as a brand. Delvaux wants to convey continuous and timeless luxury and be a unique couture accessory - not fall into the short term popularity trap or become a fashion work of a season.

As a proud owner and #delvauxcollector of its vintage bags, we can only say that they have been successful in this. Even the old models like the "pain brulé" of 1969 below can still be worn proudly today and some of the old creations still in production, like the Brillant, the Tempête or the Madame never appear out of touch with today are still being re-invented,

Looking at Delvaux's recent international sales increase and the fact that really the only brand that somehow can level in quality with the now close to 200 year old Delvaux is Hermès, whose products are now madly increasing in vintage bag investment value - one can only deduct and anticipate that Delvaux's products are not only an attractive historic proposition for buyers, but their handbag's investment value have nowhere to go but up.

At #mydaydaybelgium we celebrate the timelessness of this proud company and have sourced some special gems out of Delvaux's history from our collection, with only a couple of bags available for sale. As the vintage market is swamped with fakes, we have worked directly with Delvaux’s main flagship store in Brussels to authenticate & renovate the bags we offer by their skilled Brussels’s workshop craftsmen - thereby guaranteeing our bag’s authenticity.

Within the next weeks we will progressively introduce some of these vintage gems that make you truly stand out through their undiminished classic chic.

If you are interested, then follow us and become part of our #mydaydaybelgium community and also enjoy a welcome voucher.
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