8 Reasons to buy a vintage handbag

      1. Unique look and feel

The unique look. When sourcing a vintage bag, it is not passively buying into a trend, but a real opportunity to make an individual choice to really stand out. The Netflix series Emily in Paris demonstrates this nicely. It uses a lot of vintage fashion for its mix & match outfits to create a unique and chic, ootd look.

It is easy to pick a new bag in a shop, but when you pick a bag of 20, 30 or more years of age, the leather will have evolved, maybe created a patina on the hardware or on the leather and the shape of the bag may be no longer in production – the old becomes the new and unique. - You will have found yourself a definite head-turner, very different to the homogenized high street feel, which in additional was fun to shop for.


  1. Rarity

Many vintage bags were produced either by hand or in very small production, as is the case with our vintage Delvaux bags. What was already rare then, now has further amplified – as with the exploding population size, the number of bags by capita has even further reduced. With enough patience and hopefully a little luck you may hence discover a real rare vintage piece for yourself.



  1. A story, the life of the bag

When buying a vintage bag, it also comes with a story. We really believe that wrinkles are just antique smiles. Vintage bags will have a patina, which results from their natural ageing and use – which in turns only enhances their desirability. With every find you plunge back into history and marvel about where It has been, who it belonged to, what it was bought for, what occasion it was worn for. Our Delvaux collection pieces are full of history as these bags are traditionally passed from mother to daughter in Belgium and are treasured as a real family heritage, which means they came out for special occasions – the visit to the opera, to a fancy restaurant or for a special family event. It’s a delight to roll back the times through one accessory.


  1. No guilt

Who hasn’t bought that fancy new bag – maybe of box calf leather and then got upset because of that first unwanted scratch on it. No such issue with the vintage – even in excellent condition it is nearly impossible to find that 40 or 50 year old bag without a tiny scratch or a small dent to it – but to a certain extend this is the charm of it and it adds to this authentic unique look one aims for when wearing a vintage piece… and as it may already be scratched there is no guilt left for any future ones that may be added on (this does not mean you should mishandle your bags! 😉 )


  1. Price

Whilst vintage does not necessary mean cheap, it is possible to find vintage luxury bags at a lower price than what you can find in the shop sold as new. This makes a preloved bag sometimes more obtainable. However, it does not mean that these bags have lost in value – as a matter of fact, in many cases – as is the case with vintage Delvaux – the prices have increased beyond what was initial shop value at the time.




  1. Special craftmanship

Certain crafting techniques or accessories of high quality are no longer made in-house today or no longer on offer. Even in the case of Delvaux we find this condition and it is one of the very few brands, where still around 95-98% of the bag is handcrafted – previously all metal accessories here where made and gold plated in house, or i.e. the Delvaux Tempête would have a passe-poile finish as opposed to a coupé net today. Hence if you are looking to dive into a level of craftmanship not available today, vintage bags are for you –visit our shop. It is always better to buy a good quality piece than modern mass-produced mediocrity.


  1. Sustainability

It is true that whilst leather is essentially a by-product of the food industry, the tanning and preparation process of leather consumes much CO2. The best way to respond to a sustainable conscience is hence to consume what has already been produced in the past and rather give these leather a second life by wearing them. Buying vintage hence is not only a creative but also a sustainable act.


  1. As investment / collectible

Prices for luxury handbags have exploded these years. Chanel bags are three times as expensive as they used to be, ditto for Hermes and twice for Delvaux. This translates into a hike of demand for vintage pieces, whose prices are hence equally rising. Supply and demand issue. A bag bought today hence will in many cases be more worth tomorrow and is thereby an investment to increase capital return.

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