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MyDayDayBelgium Gift Card

MyDayDayBelgium Gift Card

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MyDayDayBelgium Gift Card

The unique look. When sourcing a vintage bag, it is not passively buying into a trend, but a real opportunity to make an individual choice to really stand out. It is great to give a vintage bag as a personalised gift. These bags are pieces that you hand down to your children and grandchildren and can talk about for years.

But as it is an individual choice it can be hard for that special someone to select it. This is why we introduced the MyDayDayBelgium gift card. This way you can choose together or support someone else in making this choice! (Valid 6 months from date of purchase).

The MyDayDayBelgium gift card is the perfect solution for those who want to give the gift of a unique and timeless vintage bag. With our gift card, the recipient can choose their own bag from our carefully curated collection, ensuring that they will receive a piece that truly speaks to their personal style and taste.

Not only is a vintage bag a special and meaningful gift, but it is also a sustainable choice. By choosing a vintage bag, you are reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the circular fashion movement. Plus, these bags are pieces that can be cherished and passed down for generations to come.

Don't stress about finding the perfect vintage bag for that special someone. Give them the gift of choice with the MyDayDayBelgium gift card. It's the perfect way to show your love and support for their individual style. Purchase yours today and make someone's day!

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